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Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1480 (BN59-01181B) for Televisions


TM1480 (BN59-01181B) original remote control

Reference: TM1480 (BN59-01181B)
Other names: Smart TV, SmartTV, Smart Control, SmartControl, BN5901181B
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG TM1480 (BN59-01181B):

Replacement remote control for TM1480 (BN59-01181B)Replacement for TM1480 (BN59-01181B)27.50 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


original remote control TM1480 (BN59-01181B) used for televisions UE55H8000, UE55H8000SLXZF, UE55H8000SLXXN, UE55H8000SLXXC, UE55H8000ALXTK, UE55H8000SLXXH for the brand Samsung. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung H6675 (UE55H6675STXXE) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500LXXC) Samsung HU7500 (UE75HU7500TXXU) Samsung HU8500 (UE78HU8500TXXU) Samsung HU8505 (UE78HU8505QXXE)
Samsung HU8590 (UE55HU8590VXZG) Samsung UA55H6400AR (UA55H6400ARXZN)Samsung UE 40 H 6200
Samsung UE 40 H 6200
Samsung UE 40 H 6400
Samsung UE 40 H 6400
Samsung UE 40 HU 6900
Samsung UE 48 H 6500 SZXZT Samsung UE 55 HU 7500 ZXZT Samsung UE 55 HU 8500 ZXZT Samsung UE 78 HU 8500 ZXZT Samsung UE105S9WALXZG
Samsung UE110S9STXZGSamsung UE32H6400
Samsung UE32H6400
Samsung UE32H6400AKXXU Samsung UE32H6400AWXXC Samsung UE32H6400AWXXH
Samsung UE32H6400AWXXN Samsung UE32H6400AWXZF Samsung UE32H6470SSXZG Samsung UE32H6475SUXXE Samsung UE40H6200AW/XXC
Samsung UE40H6400AK Samsung UE40H6400AKXXH Samsung UE40H6400AKXXU Samsung UE40H6400AW Samsung UE40H6400AWXXC
Samsung UE40H6400AWXXH Samsung UE40H6400AWXZF Samsung UE40H6400AY (UE40H6400AYXZT) Samsung UE40H6470ASXTK Samsung UE40H6470SS
Samsung UE40H6470SSXXC Samsung UE40H6470SSXXH Samsung UE40H6470SSXZG Samsung UE40H6500ALXTK Samsung UE40H6500ATXRU
Samsung UE40H6500SL Samsung UE40H6500SL (UE40H6500SLXXH) Samsung UE40H6500STXXH Samsung UE40H6580SV (UE40H6580SVXZG) Samsung UE40H6590SVXZG
Samsung UE40H6600SVXZG Samsung UE40H6640STXXH Samsung UE40H6650ALXTK Samsung UE40H6670STXXH Samsung UE40H6675ST (UE40H6675STXXE)
Samsung UE40H6690SVXZG Samsung UE40H7000ST (UE40H7000STXXH) Samsung UE40HU6900SXXH Samsung UE46H7000SZ/XZT (UE 46 H 7000 SZXZT) Samsung UE46H7090SVXZG
Samsung UE48H6400
Samsung UE48H6400
Samsung UE48H6400AKXXH Samsung UE48H6400AWXXC Samsung UE48H6400AWXXH Samsung UE48H6400AWXXN
Samsung UE48H6400AWXZF Samsung UE48H6470ASXTK Samsung UE48H6470SSXXH Samsung UE48H6470SSXZGSamsung UE48H6475
Samsung UE48H6475
Samsung UE48H6475SUXXE Samsung UE48H6500ALXTK Samsung UE48H6500SL (UE48H6500SLXXH) Samsung UE48H6500SLXXC Samsung UE48H6500STXXH
Samsung UE48H6580SV (UE48H6580SVXZG) Samsung UE48H6590SVXZG Samsung UE48H6620SVXZG Samsung UE48H6640SL (UE48H6640SLXXH) Samsung UE48H6650SLXZF
Samsung UE48H6670SLXXHSamsung UE48H6675
Samsung UE48H6675
Samsung UE48H6675STXXE Samsung UE48H6850AWXXC Samsung UE48H6850AWXXH
Samsung UE48H6850AWXZF Samsung UE48H6890SSXZG Samsung UE48H8000SLXXC Samsung UE48H8000SZ Samsung UE48H8090SVXZG
Samsung UE48HU7500 Samsung UE48HU7500LXXH Samsung UE48HU7505TXXESamsung UE50H6400
Samsung UE50H6400
Samsung UE50H6400AKXXH
Samsung UE50H6400AWXXC Samsung UE50H6400AWXXH Samsung UE50H6400AWXZF Samsung UE50H6400AYXZT Samsung UE50H6470SSXZG
Samsung UE50H6475SUXXESamsung UE55H6400
Samsung UE55H6400
Samsung UE55H6400 (UE55H6400AW) Samsung UE55H6400AKXXH Samsung UE55H6400AWXXH
Samsung UE55H6400AWXZF Samsung UE55H6470AS Samsung UE55H6470ASXTK Samsung UE55H6470SSXXH Samsung UE55H6470SSXZG
Samsung UE55H6500ALXTK Samsung UE55H6500SLXXC Samsung UE55H6500SLXXH Samsung UE55H6500SLXXN Samsung UE55H6500SLXZF
Samsung UE55H6500STXXH Samsung UE55H6500STXXU Samsung UE55H6590SVXZGSamsung UE55H6600
Samsung UE55H6600
Samsung UE55H6600SV
Samsung UE55H6600SVXZG Samsung UE55H6620SVXZG Samsung UE55H6640SLXXC Samsung UE55H6640SLXXH Samsung UE55H6650ALXTK
Samsung UE55H6650STXXH Samsung UE55H6670SLXXN Samsung UE55H6670STXXU Samsung UE55H6690SVXZG Samsung UE55H6850AKXXU
Samsung UE55H6850AWXXC (UE55H6850AW) Samsung UE55H6850AWXZF Samsung UE55H6870SSXZG Samsung UE55H6890SSXZG Samsung UE55H7090SVXZG
Samsung UE55H8000
Samsung UE55H8000
Samsung UE55H8000ALXTK Samsung UE55H8000SLXXC Samsung UE55H8000SLXXH Samsung UE55H8000SLXXN
Samsung UE55H8000SLXZFSamsung UE55H8005
Samsung UE55H8005
Samsung UE55H8005SQXXE Samsung UE55H8090SVXZG Samsung UE55HU6900D/XZT (UE55HU6900D)
Samsung UE55HU6900SXXH Samsung UE55HU6900SXZGSamsung UE55HU7205
Samsung UE55HU7205
Samsung UE55HU7205UXXE Samsung UE55HU7500LXXH
Samsung UE55HU7500TXXUSamsung UE55HU7505
Samsung UE55HU7505
Samsung UE55HU7505TXXE Samsung UE55HU7590LXZG Samsung UE55HU8200LXTK
Samsung UE55HU8200LXXC Samsung UE55HU8200LXXN Samsung UE55HU8200LXZF Samsung UE55HU8280TXZG Samsung UE55HU8500LXTK
Samsung UE55HU8500LXXC Samsung UE55HU8500LXXH Samsung UE55HU8500LXZFSamsung UE55HU8505
Samsung UE55HU8505
Samsung UE55HU8505QXXE
Samsung UE60H7080SVXZG Samsung UE65H6400AKXXH Samsung UE65H6400AKXXU Samsung UE65H6400AW Samsung UE65H6400AWXXC
Samsung UE65H6400AWXXN Samsung UE65H6400AWXZFSamsung UE65H6470
Samsung UE65H6470
Samsung UE65H6470SSXXH Samsung UE65H6470SSXZG
Samsung UE65H6475SUXXE Samsung UE65H8000ALXTK Samsung UE65H8000ST (UE65H8000STXXH) Samsung UE65HU7200SXZF Samsung UE65HU7500L
Samsung UE65HU7500LXTK Samsung UE65HU7500LXXC Samsung UE65HU7500LXXH Samsung UE65HU7500LXZF Samsung UE65HU8200LXXH
Samsung UE65HU8200LXXN Samsung UE65HU8200LXZF Samsung UE65HU8500LXTK Samsung UE65HU8500LXXC Samsung UE65HU8500LXXH
Samsung UE65HU8500LXXN Samsung UE65HU8500LXZF Samsung UE65HU8500TXXUSamsung UE65HU8505
Samsung UE65HU8505
Samsung UE65HU8505QXXE
Samsung UE65HU8580QXZG Samsung UE65HU8590VXZGSamsung UE75H6400
Samsung UE75H6400
Samsung UE75H6400AWXXH Samsung UE75H6400AWXXN
Samsung UE75H6470SSXZGSamsung UE75H6475
Samsung UE75H6475
Samsung UE75H6475SU Samsung UE75H6475SUXXE Samsung UE78HU8500LXXN
Samsung UE78HU8500LXZF Samsung UE78HU8500TXXH Samsung UE78HU8580QXZG Samsung UE78HU8590VXZG Samsung UN55F6400AF
Samsung UN55F6400AFXZC

It uses 2 batteries of the type AA

1.5V alcaline batteries AA LR06, used in some kinds of remote controls

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Customer reviews
March 2022
Everything was OK.
May 2022
Thank you for the fast and correct delivery within the specified time. The remote for my deck TEAC V 5010 works with it and I am very pleased! Your team is great. I wish you success! Greetings from Bulgaria! Chavdar
February 2022
Great seller ! arrived in 1 week. Well packaged and works as intended.
November 2022
Works perfectly, thank you.
United Kingdom
July 2022
thank you so much,its perfectly match to my unit,fast delivery as well.legitimate seller indeed.
October 2021
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you !!! Everything is perfect: Order, delivery and promises. Best regards
June 2021
It works! Many thanks I'll use you again.
United Kingdom
July 2021
Fantastic service and perfect replacement thanks
United Kingdom
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Replacement remote controls
27.50 €TM1480 (BN59-01181B)
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