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Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1750A (BN59-01274A) for Televisions


TM1750A (BN59-01274A) original remote control

Reference: TM1750A (BN59-01274A)
Other names: Smart TV, SmartTV, Smart Control, SmartControl, 170808B2/DTMF, 170808B2DTMF, BN5901274A
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG TM1750A (BN59-01274A):

Original remote control BN59-01298DBN59-01298D72.06 € (VAT included)This is an original remote control.Replacement remote control for TM1750A (BN59-01274A)Replacement for TM1750A (BN59-01274A)27.50 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


This remote control is connected via Bluetooth with the TV.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung QE 55 Q 6 FSamsung QE 55 Q 7 F
Samsung QE 55 Q 7 F
Samsung QE65Q6F
Samsung QE65Q6F
Samsung The Frame UE55LS003
Samsung The Frame UE55LS003
Samsung UA55KS9000KXXS Samsung UE 40 MU 6175 UXXC Samsung UE 40 MU 6405 U
Samsung UE 40 MU 6405 UXXC Samsung UE 43 NU 7405 UXXC Samsung UE 49 MU 6175 UXXC Samsung UE 49 MU 6400 Samsung UE 49 MU 6500 UXZT
Samsung UE 49 MU 6655 UXXC Samsung UE 55 MU 6175 UXXC Samsung UE 55 MU 6179 UXZG Samsung UE 65 MU 6105 Samsung UE 65 MU 6175 UXXC
Samsung UE32M5500AKXZT Samsung UE32M5502AKXXH Samsung UE32M5505AK Samsung UE32M5505AKXXC Samsung UE32M5575AUXXC
Samsung UE32M5605AKXXC Samsung UE32M5640AUXZG Samsung UE32M5670ASXXN Samsung UE32M5670AUXZG Samsung UE32M5672AUXXH
Samsung UE40MU6100KXZT Samsung UE40MU6100WXXN Samsung UE40MU6102KXXH Samsung UE40MU6105KXXC Samsung UE40MU6170UXZG
Samsung UE40MU6175
Samsung UE40MU6175
Samsung UE40MU6400 Samsung UE40MU6400U (UE 40 MU 6400 U) Samsung UE40MU6400UXZT Samsung UE40MU6402UXXH
Samsung UE40MU7000U (UE40MU7000UXSQ) Samsung UE40MU7000UXTK Samsung UE40MU7400UXSQ Samsung UE43KU6670UXXC Samsung UE43M5502AKXXH
Samsung UE43M5570AUXZG Samsung UE43M5600AKXXU Samsung UE43M5600AWXXN Samsung UE43M5605AKXXC Samsung UE43M5650AUXZG
Samsung UE43M5670AS (UE43M5670ASXXN) Samsung UE43M5670AUXZG Samsung UE43M5672AUXXH Samsung UE43MU6100KXXU Samsung UE43MU6100WXXN
Samsung UE43MU6102 Samsung UE43MU6102UXXH Samsung UE43MU6170UXZG Samsung UE43MU6172UXXHSamsung UE43MU6175
Samsung UE43MU6175
Samsung UE43MU6175UXXC Samsung UE43MU6179UXZG Samsung UE43MU7000UXSQSamsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49M5500AK (UE49M5500AKXXU)
Samsung UE49M5500AWXXN Samsung UE49M5505AK (UE49M5505AKXXC) Samsung UE49M5570AU (UE49M5570AUXZG) Samsung UE49M5600AW (UE49M5600AWXXN) Samsung UE49M5640AUXZG
Samsung UE49M5670AS (UE49M5670ASXXN) Samsung UE49M5670AUXZG Samsung UE49M5672AU (UE49M5672AUXXH) Samsung UE49M6000AUXSQ Samsung UE49M6300AKXXU
Samsung UE49M6300AWXXN Samsung UE49M6302AK (UE49M6302AKXXH) Samsung UE49M6305AK (UE49M6305AKXXC) Samsung UE49M6372AUXXH Samsung UE49M6500AU (UE49M6500AUXMI)
Samsung UE49MU6100KXZT Samsung UE49MU6100W (UE49MU6100WXXN) Samsung UE49MU6102KXXH Samsung UE49MU6105K (UE49MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE49MU6179U (UE49MU6179UXZG)
Samsung UE49MU6200KXZT Samsung UE49MU6200W (UE49MU6200WXXN) Samsung UE49MU6202KXXH Samsung UE49MU6205KXXC Samsung UE49MU6270UXZG
Samsung UE49MU6279UXZG Samsung UE49MU6400SXXN Samsung UE49MU6400UXXU Samsung UE49MU6400UXZG Samsung UE49MU6400UXZT
Samsung UE49MU6405UXXC Samsung UE49MU6409UXZG Samsung UE49MU6500UXXU Samsung UE49MU6500UXZG Samsung UE49MU6502UXXH
Samsung UE49MU6509UXZG Samsung UE49MU7000TXZTSamsung UE49MU7005
Samsung UE49MU7005
Samsung UE49MU7009TXZG Samsung UE49MU7350U (UE49MU7350UXMI)
Samsung UE49MU7350U (UE49MU7350UXTK) Samsung UE49MU7500UXTK Samsung UE49MU8000T (UE49MU8000TXXU) Samsung UE49MU8005 Samsung UE49MU8009TXZG
Samsung UE49MU9000LXXN Samsung UE49MU9000TXXU Samsung UE49MU9000TXZG Samsung UE49MU9005T (UE49MU9005TXXC) Samsung UE50MU6100W (UE50MU6100WXXN)
Samsung UE50MU6102KXXH Samsung UE50MU6105K (UE50MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE50MU6170UXZG Samsung UE50MU6172UXXH Samsung UE50MU6179U (UE50MU6179UXZG)
Samsung UE55KU6650SXXN Samsung UE55KU6670UXXC Samsung UE55M5500AWXXN Samsung UE55M5600AKXXU Samsung UE55M5602AK (UE55M5602AKXXH)
Samsung UE55M5605AKXXC Samsung UE55M5672AU (UE55M5672AUXXH) Samsung UE55M6305AKXXC Samsung UE55MU6100KXXU Samsung UE55MU6100KXZT
Samsung UE55MU6100W (UE55MU6100WXXN) Samsung UE55MU6102KXXH Samsung UE55MU6105KXXC Samsung UE55MU6170UXZG Samsung UE55MU6172U (UE55MU6172UXXH)
Samsung UE55MU6200WXXN Samsung UE55MU6202K (UE55MU6202KXXH) Samsung UE55MU6270UXZG Samsung UE55MU6275UXXC Samsung UE55MU6279 (UE55MU6279UXZG)
Samsung UE55MU6400S (UE55MU6400SXXN) Samsung UE55MU6400U (UE55MU6400UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6400UXXU Samsung UE55MU6400UXZT Samsung UE55MU6405U
Samsung UE55MU6409UXZG Samsung UE55MU6500SXXN Samsung UE55MU6500UXXU Samsung UE55MU6500UXZG Samsung UE55MU6500UXZT
Samsung UE55MU6502UXXH Samsung UE55MU6509UXZG Samsung UE55MU7000LXXN Samsung UE55MU7000TXZG Samsung UE55MU7000U (UE55MU7000UXMI)
Samsung UE55MU7000U (UE55MU7000UXTK) Samsung UE55MU7000UXSQ Samsung UE55MU7002TXXHSamsung UE55MU7005
Samsung UE55MU7005
Samsung UE55MU7009T/XZG
Samsung UE55MU8000LXXN Samsung UE55MU8000TXZG Samsung UE55MU8000TXZT Samsung UE55MU9000L (UE55MU9000LXXN) Samsung UE55MU9005TXXC
Samsung UE55MU9009T (UE55MU9009TXZG) Samsung UE55NU7400UXZTSamsung UE65KS7505
Samsung UE65KS7505
Samsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65MU6100KXXU
Samsung UE65MU6100KXZT Samsung UE65MU6100W (UE65MU6100WXXN) Samsung UE65MU6102KXXH Samsung UE65MU6105K (UE65MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE65MU6170UXZG
Samsung UE65MU6179UXZG Samsung UE65MU6200KXXU Samsung UE65MU6200KXZT Samsung UE65MU6202K (UE65MU6202KXXH) Samsung UE65MU6205KXXC
Samsung UE65MU6272U (UE65MU6272UXXH) Samsung UE65MU6400UXZG Samsung UE65MU6400UXZT Samsung UE65MU6405U (UE65MU6405UXXC) Samsung UE65MU6500SXXN
Samsung UE65MU6500UXZG Samsung UE65MU6500UXZT Samsung UE65MU6509UXZG Samsung UE65MU7000TXXU Samsung UE65MU7350U (UE65MU7350UXMI)
Samsung UE65MU7500U (UE65MU7500UXMI) Samsung UE65MU8000T (UE65MU8000TXMI) Samsung UE65MU8009TXZG Samsung UE65MU9000LXXN Samsung UE65MU9000TXZG
Samsung UE65MU9009TXZG Samsung UE65NU8005T Samsung UE65NU8005T/XXC Samsung UE75MU6100K (UE75MU6100KXXU) Samsung UE75MU6102KXXH
Samsung UE75MU6105KXXCSamsung UE75MU6175
Samsung UE75MU6175
Samsung UE75MU6175UXXC Samsung UE75MU6179U (UE75MU6179UXZG) Samsung UE75MU7000L (UE75MU7000LXXN)
Samsung UE75MU7000T (UE75MU7000TXZT) Samsung UE75MU7000TXZG Samsung UE75MU7000U (UE75MU7000UXTK) Samsung UE75MU7002TXXH Samsung UE75MU7005TXXC
Samsung UE75MU7009TXZG Samsung UE75MU8000LXXN Samsung UE75MU8000TXTK Samsung UE75MU8000TXXU Samsung UE75MU8005T (UE75MU8005TXXC)
Samsung UE78KS9000
Samsung UE78KS9000
Samsung UE78KS9000L Samsung UE78KS9000L/XXH Samsung UE78KS9000L/XXN Samsung UE78KS9000T
Samsung UE78KS9000T/XXC Samsung UE78KS9000T/XXU Samsung UE78KS9000T/XZF Samsung UE78KS9000T/XZT Samsung UE78KS9000U
Samsung UE78KS9000U/XCE Samsung UE78KS9000U/XRU Samsung UE78KS9000U/XUASamsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE82MU7000T (UE82MU7000TXXU)
Samsung UE82MU7000TXZG Samsung UE82MU7005TXXC Samsung UE82MU8000TXTK Samsung UN55KS7500FXZX Samsung UN55MU6100GXPE
Samsung Ue49mu6405

It uses 2 batteries of the type AA

1.5V alcaline batteries AA LR06, used in some kinds of remote controls

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Customer reviews
October 2022
Excellent service, quick delivery and my new remote works exactly as specified
United Kingdom
February 2022
Excellent service. The replacement arrived very quickly and works perfectly. Mandis is highly recommended.
April 2021
Absolutely wonderful, the remote operated all functions exactly as stated. Being able to use our PVR once again is fantastic. Thank you for an extremely pleasant outcome.
October 2021
Very happy with remote control. Excellent communication during purchase, would definitely recommend
United Kingdom
Fast and great communication all the way !! The product works fine ! Thanks !!!
July 2021
Everything OK.
November 2022
Thankyou so much, excellent service, arrived yesterday and collected at 20.15 . I will recommend you to all my friends. Regards,
March 2021
Thanks you that you push up. Today i received that And working. Thanks! Greetings from Lapland.
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Replacement remote controls
72.06 €BN59-01298D27.50 €TM1750A (BN59-01274A)
Questions on remote Samsung TM1750A (BN59-01274A)

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