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Remote control for TOSHIBA CT90326 (RM-L890) for Televisions


Remote control for CT90326 (RM-L890)

Reference: CT90326 (RM-L890)
Other names: RML890
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote TOSHIBA CT90326 (RM-L890):

Replacement remote control for CT90326 (RM-L890)Replacement for CT90326 (RM-L890)21.90 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


remote control CT90326 (RM-L890) used for televisions SL738G, REGZA 32 AV 635 DG, 42 HL 833 G, 32 AV 615 DB, 32 AV 615 DG, 32 AV 635 D for the brand Toshiba.


Brand: Toshiba
Remote controls Toshiba

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Toshiba 19 AV 605 PB Toshiba 19 AV 605 PG Toshiba 19 AV 606 PG Toshiba 19 AV 606 PR Toshiba 19 AV 616 DB
Toshiba 19 AV 616 DG Toshiba 19 AV 703 G Toshiba 19 AV 733 F Toshiba 19 AV 733 G Toshiba 19 EL 833 G
Toshiba 19 EL 834 G Toshiba 19 EL 933 G Toshiba 19AV605PR Toshiba 19AV615DB Toshiba 19AV615DG
Toshiba 19AV625 Toshiba 19EL833F Toshiba 19SL738F Toshiba 22 AV 605 PG Toshiba 22 AV 606 PG
Toshiba 22 AV 606 PR Toshiba 22 AV 615 DG Toshiba 22 AV 616 DB Toshiba 22 AV 616 DG Toshiba 22 AV 635
Toshiba 22 AV 703 G Toshiba 22 AV 713 B Toshiba 22 AV 733 F Toshiba 22 AV 733 G Toshiba 22 AV 734 F
Toshiba 22 EL 833 G Toshiba 22 EL 834 G Toshiba 22AV605PB Toshiba 22AV605PR Toshiba 22AV615
Toshiba 22AV615DB Toshiba 22AV625 Toshiba 22AV733N Toshiba 22AV733R Toshiba 22EL833F
Toshiba 23 EL 933 G Toshiba 23 EL 934 G Toshiba 23DL934G Toshiba 2503SFZ Toshiba 26 AV 605 PB
Toshiba 26 AV 605 PG Toshiba 26 AV 605 PR Toshiba 26 AV 615 DB Toshiba 26 AV 615 DG Toshiba 26 AV 635 DG
Toshiba 26 AV 733 F Toshiba 26 AV 733 G Toshiba 26 EL 833 G Toshiba 26 EL 834 G Toshiba 26 EL 933 G
Toshiba 26 EL 934 G Toshiba 26 SL 738 G Toshiba 26AV734F Toshiba 26EL833F Toshiba 26EL933B
Toshiba 32 AV 603 PR Toshiba 32 AV 605 PB Toshiba 32 AV 605 PG Toshiba 32 AV 607 P Toshiba 32 AV 607 PG
Toshiba 32 AV 615 DB Toshiba 32 AV 615 DG Toshiba 32 AV 625 D Toshiba 32 AV 635 D Toshiba 32 AV 733
Toshiba 32 AV 733 F Toshiba 32 AV 833 G Toshiba 32 AV 833 N Toshiba 32 AV 933 G Toshiba 32 AV 934 G
Toshiba 32 DB 833 G Toshiba 32 DL 933 G Toshiba 32 EL 833 B Toshiba 32 EL 833 F Toshiba 32 EL 833 G
Toshiba 32 EL 834 G Toshiba 32 EL 933 G Toshiba 32 EL 934 G Toshiba 32 HL 833 B Toshiba 32 HL 833 F
Toshiba 32 HL 833 G Toshiba 32 HL 834 G Toshiba 32 HL 933 G Toshiba 32 L 2434 DG Toshiba 32 LV 655 D
Toshiba 32 LV 655 P Toshiba 32 LV 665 D Toshiba 32 LV 675 D Toshiba 32 LV 685 Toshiba 32 LV 685 D
Toshiba 32 LV 685 DG Toshiba 32 LV 703 Toshiba 32 LV 733 F Toshiba 32 LV 733 G Toshiba 32 LV 833 G
Toshiba 32 LV 933 Toshiba 32 LV 933 G Toshiba 32 RV 623 D Toshiba 32 RV 625 D Toshiba 32 RV 626 D
Toshiba 32 RV 633 D Toshiba 32 RV 635 Toshiba 32 RV 635 D Toshiba 32 RV 636 D Toshiba 32 SL 738 F
Toshiba 32 SL 738 G Toshiba 32 W 2434 DG Toshiba 32AV605PR Toshiba 32AV703G1 Toshiba 32AV733D
Toshiba 32AV733G1 Toshiba 32AV734F Toshiba 32AV833F Toshiba 32AV834G Toshiba 32CV711B
Toshiba 32L2331D Toshiba 32L2331DG Toshiba 32L2333D Toshiba 32L2333DG Toshiba 32L2434DG
Toshiba 32LV685D Toshiba 32LV703G1 Toshiba 32LV733 Toshiba 32LV833F Toshiba 32RV635DG
Toshiba 32SL738NToshiba 32W2333DG
Toshiba 32W2333DG
Toshiba 32W2433D Toshiba 32W2453DG Toshiba 37 AV 623 D
Toshiba 37 AV 633 D Toshiba 37 RV 623 D Toshiba 37 RV 625 D Toshiba 37 RV 633 D Toshiba 37 RV 635 D
Toshiba 37 RV 636 D Toshiba 37AV603PG Toshiba 37AV605PB Toshiba 37AV605PR Toshiba 37AV607PG
Toshiba 37AV615DB Toshiba 37AV615DG Toshiba 37RV626D Toshiba 37RV635DG Toshiba 39 L 2333 D
Toshiba 39L2331DG Toshiba 39L2333DB Toshiba 39L2337DB Toshiba 39L2337DG Toshiba 40 HL 933 G
Toshiba 40 L 2456 D Toshiba 40 LV 665 D Toshiba 40 LV 675 D Toshiba 40 LV 685 Toshiba 40 LV 685 D
Toshiba 40 LV 685 DG Toshiba 40 LV 833 F Toshiba 40 LV 833 G Toshiba 40 LV 933 G Toshiba 40LV675
Toshiba 40LV703G1 Toshiba 40LV733F Toshiba 40LV733N Toshiba 40LV833N Toshiba 42 AV 623 D
Toshiba 42 AV 625 D Toshiba 42 AV 633 D Toshiba 42 AV 635 D Toshiba 42 HL 833 B Toshiba 42 HL 833 F
Toshiba 42 HL 833 G Toshiba 42 HL 833 N Toshiba 42 RV 623 D Toshiba 42 RV 625 D Toshiba 42 RV 626 D
Toshiba 42 RV 635 Toshiba 42 RV 635 D Toshiba 42 RV 636 D Toshiba 42 SL 738 G Toshiba 42RV635DG
Toshiba 42SL738B Toshiba 42SL738F Toshiba 42SL738N Toshiba 50L2333DG Toshiba 50L2456D
Toshiba 75014827 Toshiba CT-90326 Toshiba REGZA (32 AV 635 DG) Toshiba SL738G

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Customer reviews
July 2020
Great service and delivered very quickly. This is the only place I could find a remote control for a DeLonghi PAC AN98 Aircon unit. It is disappointing when companies like DeLonghi don't sell remotes for their products. Thanks Mandis!
Mr Wilfred,
September 2019
Very complete description of the product and very fast shipment with tracking service.
September 2020
The ordered remote control was delivered very quickly (orderd on 2nd of Sept - delivered at 7th of Sept) There were no problems and the remote control works as it should! Thank You for this great service!
May 2020
Delivery fast The article was configured OK
October 2020
Good price and speedy delivery, great replacement for original remote. Highly recommended seller.
United Kingdom
September 2020
The remote works very well, fast delivery ... everything OK!
August 2019
I was very pleased with the remote control and so I have submitted the following review to Computer Active Magazine which likes to publish good news about companies. CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE I needed a replacement remote control for my Sharp Multidisc/radio stereo system but the original was no longer available. Nothing could be found on Ebay or Amazon in England or anywhere worldwide. Eventually I came across a Spanish site who offered pre-programmed replacement controls, Not universal remote controls that you have to program yourselves. Including postage, These cost a bit more, but I have not found any alternative. The remote arrived quite quickly but not all the functions worked so I emailed them explaining the situation, not expecting much or even a reply. A brief reply came quickly back, ''We will send you another unit''. Within a few days another remote control arrived from Spain with no extra charges. This was fully functional and I now have my Multidisc and radio system playing again. This was quick, efficient, excellent service and so I would recommend MANDIS SHOP S.L. to anyone requiring a replacement remote controL. David
United Kingdom
November 2020
the remote arrived for my sharp AQUOS and it works perfectly it was quick to arrive good job
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Replacement remote controls
21.90 €CT90326 (RM-L890)
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